The 3 Most Frequent Ford Maverick Issues Reported by Actual Owners

The Ford Maverick is a tiny pickup truck that debuted in 2022. Like with any vehicle, there are certain common concerns that real owners have documented. The following are the three most often reported Ford Maverick issues:

Ford Maverick
Ford Maverick

Transmission Issues
Transmission problems are the most frequently reported issue with the Ford Maverick. Some Maverick owners have stated that their transmission slides or shifts unevenly. Some have complained that the transmission completely fails. There have also been complaints of the transmission warning light illuminated, indicating a problem with the transmission.

Ford has acknowledged the problem and published a software update to address it. However, some users have claimed that the problem persists even after installing the software update. If your Ford Maverick is suffering transmission problems, it is recommended that you take it to a licenced Ford dealer for diagnostic and repair.

Electrical Issues
Electrical difficulties are another prevalent complaint among Ford Maverick owners. Several owners have stated that the touchscreen infotainment system on their Maverick stops working or freezes. Others have complained about problems with the backup camera, key fob, and power windows.

Ford, like the gearbox problems, has acknowledged these electrical problems and offered software upgrades to solve them. Several owners, however, have stated that the updates have not resolved the issues. If your Ford Maverick is suffering electrical problems, it is recommended that you take it to a licenced Ford dealer for diagnostic and repair.

Fuel Efficiency
The Ford Maverick is promoted as a fuel-efficient pickup truck, however some owners have complained that it does not perform as well as stated. Some owners have noticed worse fuel efficiency than claimed on the window sticker, while others have reported large decreases in fuel economy when towing or driving in mountainous terrain.

It is crucial to note that a variety of factors, including driving behaviour, vehicle maintenance, and weather conditions, can all have an impact on fuel efficiency. However, if you routinely get less than the quoted fuel efficiency, it is recommended that you take your Ford Maverick to a qualified Ford dealer for diagnostic and needed repairs.

In conclusion, while the Ford Maverick is usually well-reviewed, some owners have claimed transmission, electrical, and fuel economy concerns. If you are experiencing any of these issues, you should take your Maverick to a licenced Ford dealer for diagnostic and repair.

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