What is the payload capacity of a 2024 GMC Sierra 2500HD?

GMC’s latest truck release is here – the 2024 Sierra 2500HD! As a rugged, versatile and reliable vehicle, it comes packed with features, including impressive payload capacity. Let’s take a closer look at what this truck can handle!

First of all, the payload capacity of the Sierra 2500HD depends on several factors such as cab configuration, engine type, drivetrain, and weight. As an example, with a regular cab, 2-wheel drive, and 6.6-liter gasoline engine, this truck has a payload capacity of 4,273 lbs. This payload capacity is further increased with a dual-rear wheel drivetrain. If you choose to upgrade to a long cab configuration, this will also boost your capacity, as long as your weight does not exceed 7,352 lbs.

What are some of the practical applications for the Sierra 2500HD’s impressive payload capacity? This truck is the perfect choice for heavy duty jobs, from hauling large materials to transporting large items such as furniture or construction supplies. With the addition of some trailer-towing equipment, you can use your truck for recreational purposes, such as towing a camper or boat.

The payload capacity of the Sierra 2500HD also allows it to tackle tough terrain and tasks, such as taking it off-roading or performing extreme duty applications. With its high towing capacity and strong frame, the Sierra 2500HD can handle just about any situation you put it in. Plus, its diesel-engine option gives it more torque than ever before, providing the power you need to conquer just about any task.

The GMC Sierra 2500HD’s impressive payload capacity makes it a great choice for tough and demanding tasks, whether it’s towing a heavy load or navigating treacherous terrain. So, whether you’re tackling tough jobs or need a reliable recreational vehicle, the Sierra 2500HD is the perfect option for you. It’s just one of many reasons why this vehicle is fast becoming a favorite among truck enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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